Well, looks like we're going friends-only because I firmly believe in keeping most of my online presence separate from my IRL-related presence.  Plushies are about the only exception.  Good job, LJ.  Comment if you want to be added and include how you know of me.
hahahaha oh god


This is the fucking creepiest thing to come out of the Pokemon fandom ever.

Someone made a visual novel DS rom for it.  I am so playing this right now.  Supposedly if you play it with an R4 card on a DS, the ending is ten times creepier.  But it should work with a general emulator on your computer.

ETA: The visual novel is just the original story with sound effects.  But the ending is indeed creepier on the rom.
very well

Hahaha, no.

Going friends-only in an attempt to keep my stuff from being cross-posted to places I don't want it to be.  My fb is largely meant to keep in contact with people I know IRL (and a few online buddies whom I know well enough that I'm willing to give them access to it.)  I want to keep these two sites as separate as possible, so I'm taking preventative measures to keep them that way.